We couldn’t have said it better.

Here are the very kind words of some very satisfied AMS customers. Or, as we like to call them, partners.

Bruton Parish Testimonial "We researched a number of companies for a new retail system and AMS was the best fit for our needs. Their POS system makes our everyday business run smoother. Their customer service is always convenient and helpful. We have a number of senior citizens who volunteer and they find the system easy to use."

Carol Weaver - Bruton Parish Books & Gifts

Williamsburg Merchants Testimonial "AMS implemented the first POS system for our company. Their customer service is excellent and has been a tremendous help. The system provides a quick and easy way to check sales, track customer numbers and existing inventory at any time. Now, I take my laptop to trade shows and check our data right on the spot!"

Sam Wallace Jr. - Williamsburg Merchants

Atlantic Garden Center Testimonial "A POS system should track inventory and sales and supply reports. That’s why our system from AMS helps our business run more efficiently. AMS is a great POS provider – knowledgeable and very easy to work with. We researched the competition and AMS was the best fit for our needs."

Sarah Dulina – Atlantic Garden Center

Green Top Sporting Goods Testimonial "AMS provided what our company needed – a POS system that automates our everyday business functions and keeps things moving quickly. We’ve been with AMS over three years, and we’re very satisfied. Our business is definitely running more efficiently with them as our POS provider. "

Jeff Fletcher - Green Top Sporting Goods

Birthday Suits Testimonial "We’ve been with AMS since 1995 and they are an excellent POS provider. AMS responds quickly and diligently whenever we need assistance and always get any issue resolved ASAP. Our business is absolutely running more efficiently with AMS – there’s no way we would even consider another company. They have a customer for life!"

Greg Bennett - Birthday Suits

James T. Davis Paint & Decorating Testimonial "The level of customer service that AMS offers is unmatched. A POS system should be customer-oriented. We have been with AMS for about 15 years, and they've helped us become more profitable and increase our accuracy in inventory control. We were approached by another company, but their flexibility and customer service were nowhere near AMS."

Theresa Proffitt - James T. Davis Paint & Decorating

Whites Old Mill Garden Center Testimonial "Our POS system from AMS is such an integral part of our company. It’s like a fax machine – you couldn’t run your business without it. It’s made our business run more efficiently and their customer service is always available and able to answer any question. We researched other companies, but AMS had much more to offer."

Whites Old Mill Garden Center -
Tal White