ams retail point of sale

At AMS, the “S” could stand for Systems, Support,
Services, Solutions, and.....Satisfaction.

Any way you look at it, AMS Retail Solutions can improve your business operations with an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable retail management system. You’ll get an entire team of experts dedicated to creating the perfect management system for your business. Hands-on? We’re brains-on, too, and it’s all dedicated to your success. You want control of your business? Then you want AMS. Here are some of the services we provide: Learn more >

Everyone needs a customized needs assessment.

We know every business is different, and so are its needs. So before we give you answers, our specialists ask questions. Lots of questions. Only from this assessment, when we totally understand your business, can we design the perfect automated, single-source solution for your retail business. Nothing will keep customers moving, the registers ringing and, over time, profits growing quite like this.

Leave the installing to us.

Ideas and plans are great, but implementation makes it all work. Once we design your system, we then build it from the ground up. We can build it on-site or off, and install everything with as little disruption to your business as possible.

Welcome to basic training.

We don’t just give you the keys, we teach you and your employees how to drive your new system. We do on-site training with a hands-on demonstration of all the features and functions. We’ll also help you set up data files or transfer them from an existing system for a smooth transition.

Our support and service never wavers.

Our systems keep customers moving, and we help you keep moving. We offer software support, repair service, upgrades and more. Our techs make office calls and can work weekends or after hours. When we say single-source, we mean it.

Tax benefits? It’s the financing and leasing we can do.

We offer a financing and leasing program that could be tax deductible.
The financing and leasing covers it all, from hardware, software and installation to training, support and maintenance agreements. It could be one way our system can make your business even more profitable.