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AMS gives you access to the best names and products in the industry. Whether it's software, hardware, or anything inbetween, you can count on us to support you with the finest equipment and systems available, affordably and dependably.

Get the power, flexibility and control to boost your bottom line. The CounterPoint SQL Base System is the cornerstone for the serious retailer. Here are some of the highlights.

Base System (Includes)

Point of Sale
Fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn, it keeps your customers moving with barcode scanning, fast Internet credit card processing and touch screen. Built-in management controls and reporting tools help you run your business profitably and securely. Learn more >

Credit Card Processing
Supports 2 to 4 second internet based authorization or dial up. Learn more >

Inventory Management
Maintains optimum inventory levels, controls costs and tracks merchandise turns. Minimizes investment and out-of-stock conditions. Maximizes profitability. Learn more >

Gives you advice on what to order and automatically creates POS based on min/max levels or replenishment – a powerful and efficient way to control your purchasing, receiving and returns to vendors. Learn more >

Customer Information
Tracks who your customers are and what they’re buying – with historical sales activity in monthly summary or complete detail. Learn more >

Sales History

Retain, view, and report complete detail for every sale you make. Learn more >

Labeling and Tagging
Print inventory labels and bar codes manually or automatically
as part of purchasing or receiving. Print mailing labels for 
customers based on purchase history. Learn more >

Loyalty (“Frequent Shopper”) Program
Rewards customers for their repeat business and
promotes customer goodwill. Learn more >

Additional Capabilities

Email Marketing (CustomerConnect)
Customer Connect is a fully customizable product that easily integrates with CounterPoint. It is capable of automating email campaigns, specific customer targeting, and providing timely campaign analytics. Learn more >

Ecommerce (CPOnline)
Built-in ecommerce connects your existing CounterPoint inventory and customer data to your online store. Learn more >

Mobile (CPMobile)
Also fully integratable with CounterPoint, CP Mobile offers businesses the ability to take their stores on the go. CP Mobile allows you to take your business to events and opportunities outside of the store.  Learn More> 

Real-time Text Notifications (SmartAlerts)
SmartAlerts is a real-time notification service that allows merchants to monitor their operations. It provides timely, actionable alerts that reduce fraud, improve operations and provide better customer service.  Learn More>