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Partnering with respect

We honor all of our partners and affiliates with respect, loyalty and a commitment to a long-term relationship.

POS Software and Equipment:

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NCR’s success began in 1884 with the invention of the retail cash register by John H. Patterson, and the founding of the National Cash Register Company. For more than 125 years, NCR has helped companies around the world better connect, interact and transact with their customers. Today, NCR is at the center of the retail revolution, strategically poised between consumers who demand fast, easy and convenient options, and businesses intent on increasing revenues, building customer loyalty, reaching the contemporary consumer and lowering their cost of operations. And NCR size, scale and stability instill confidence in the marketplace.

NCR offers solutions that optimize efficiencies at the point of sale, enhance the customer experience and transform businesses, along with services that make life easier. NCR's innovative solutions address retailer needs in multiple industries from grocery to general merchandise to convenience stores and specialty retail including POS software, hardware, kiosks, digital signage, self-checkout, e-commerce, targeted
communications, mobile, social media, services and more. NCR is the only company that encompasses every retail touchpoint.

Welcome to the new NCR: Leading how the world connects, interacts and transacts business. NCR boldly invites businesses and consumers to "Experience a new world of interaction."

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The Hewlett-Packard Company is a publicly traded company founded in 1939. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, HP has a global presence in the fields of computing, printing, and digital imaging, and also provides software and services. HP is the world's largest information technology corporation (by revenue) and is known worldwide for its printers, personal computers, network servers, and network management software. HP is the No. 1 ranking company in worldwide personal computer shipments. HP’s annual sales exceed $104 billion.

Credit Card Processing:

Radiant Payment Services

Radiant Payment Systems (RPS) is a division of Radiant Systems. Their processing solutions include Credit Card Processing, Debit Card Processing, ACH & Recurring Payments, Web Payments, Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), Reporting, Gift Cards, Customer Loyalty Programs, and Check Services. RPS handles the transaction process from the initial point it is made through the settlement of funds. Their complete and secure solution offers an easy and reliable transaction process.

Financing and Lease Financial:

Flagship Credit Services

Flagship Credit Services, LLC handles equipment financing and commercial lending solutions. Located in Wayzata, MN, they enable vendors to offer financing or leasing options that give payment option flexibility to businesses. Flagship allows us to give our customers more safe and realistic opportunities.

Professional Retail Associations:

The Retail Alliance

The Retail Alliance is committed to promoting the healthy growth of businesses and trade. Founded in 1903, The Retail Alliance is an association made up of, for and by retailers, providing products and services that have a positive effect on a retailers bottom line. The Retail Alliance is a full-service Business Resource extending throughout southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. Retail Alliance Partners have unprecedented access to the tools they need to make their business more effective and more profitable. The Retail Alliance promises to provide retail and business partners with dependable, responsive, and uncompromising products and service.

Retail Merchants Association

Retail Merchants Association is a trade association representing retailers and related businesses. Founded in 1906, the Retail Merchants Association is the business association of choice for successful retail businesses. Its mission is to enhance the image and profitability of member companies through advocacy, information and networking opportunities. Solution Oriented and Forward Thinking, the Retail Merchants Association practices positive problem solving and future planning by listening, anticipating, working together to find solutions, advocating and taking action for and with our members. The Retail Merchants Association proudly represents, educates and promotes success in the retail business community.