ams radiant point of sale

Keeping your customers moving.
Keeping our customers happy.

Who we are.

For more than 15 years, AMS Retail Solutions has turned area merchants into very, very satisfied customers thanks to our customized, automated retail solutions for business. After all, when you can help someone increase sales, profits and efficiency, what’s not to love? Founded in Virginia Beach, VA in 1992, we’ve kept businesses moving and improving throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

To sum up our mission, it is to solve common retail issues through the best designed computer systems available. AMS won’t tell you how to run your business, our systems will simply help you run your business even better. We work with the top brands in the industry, including Radiant, the developer of CounterPoint SQL retail software and systems, as well as HP, Motorola, Symbol and many more.

Whether you’re a small chain or a single store retailer, count on our systems to keep your customers moving and your business running smoother and more profitably.

What we do.

After thorough analysis, we partner with you to design and implement the perfect automated retail management system for your business. Customers report increased sales, improved inventory control, greater efficiency and higher profits. Imagine faster checkouts, error-free ticket entry, accurate pricing, merchandise control, employee time clock systems, efficient inventory systems and much, much more. AMS truly is your single source for retail solutions. Whether you’re a small chain or a single store retailer, a computer pro or novice, a customized AMS system can boost sales, profits and efficiency.

Our house specialty.

We specialize in retail, wholesale, mail order, e-commerce and general accounting office automation. If you’re not currently running an AMS-installed computer system, we can improve your business operations.

The AMS Philosophy.

We believe that business owners are the backbone of this country and that the success of small- to medium-sized companies benefit everyone. Their success helps the economy and keeps people employed. We represent the single-source solution for businesses looking to improve their bottom line and increase their chance of success, or improve the success they are already enjoying.

Through customized, affordable and easy-to-use automated systems, we can help companies sell more, make more, keep more and enjoy their business more. We further honor that entrepreneurial spirit by treating our customers with respect, loyalty and a commitment to a long-term relationship.